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"Unused creativity is not benign." In other words, you can't ignore it. If you have a tendency for creative thinking and a passion for creative work, but are finding there's little room in your life for it, make room. Because it matters. "If you don’t give [creativity] an outlet, it doesn't just sit there and idle in neutral," says Gilbert. "It turns on you and makes you feel small and depressed and useless. If I am not actively creating something in my life, I'm actively destroying something."
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French Street Artists Paint World's Largest Mural in Norway
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Introducing ‘Lilith and Olaf’ – the world’s largest outdoor mural Miraculously, the world’s largest outdoor mural has been completed in Klepp, Rogaland, in j...

The threat or opportunity of technology?

Computer algorithm recreates Van Gogh painting in one hour
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